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Standard curve and linear regression equation

The company's PC, PCS spectrophotometer comes with software, with a variety of test


★ photometric test

Be the set of samples absorbance or transmittance at the wavelength.

★ quantitative test

* Single-point test

Quantitative analysis of samples can be obtained by a standard sample concentration factor, read the sample concentration.

* Standard curve

Quantitative analysis of samples, standard samples can be used multiple (two or more) to establish the wavelength of absorbance - concentration curve, and thus the unknown sample concentration curve obtained.

★ spectral scanning

Can record the absorbance, transmittance, or the curve of energy with wavelength, and peak value measurement, data processing, map composition, map display.

★ Time Scanning

Samples can be recorded at the set wavelength absorbance or transmittance versus time curve. In addition, in order to better help users test sample.The company has developed a series of accessories and application software.

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Welcome to Shanghai Xin Mao Instrument Co., Ltd.

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