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    The company's PC, PCS spectrophotometer comes with software, with a variety of test functions:
    photometric test
    Be the set of samples absorbance or transmittance at the wavelength.
    quantitative test
    * Single-point test
    Quantitative analysis of samples can be obtained by a standard sample concentration factor, read the sample concentration.
    * Standard curve <multi-method>
    Quantitative analysis of samples, standard samples can be used multiple (two or more) to establish the wavelength of absorbance - concentration curve, and thus the unknown sample concentration curve obtained.
    spectral scanning
    Can record the absorbance, transmittance, or the curve of energy with wavelength, and peak value measurement, data processing, map composition, map display.
    Time Scanning
    Samples can be recorded at the set wavelength absorbance or transmittance versus time curve.
    In addition, in order to better help users test sample.The company has developed a series of accessories and application software.

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