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    Name visible spectrophotometer series

    Model 722 series


    722﹑722-100 is single beam spectrophotometer that analyzes specimen materials in the visible spectral range. Its high precision and reliable performance made it ideal for applications in medicine, petrochemistry, agriculture, food industry, biochemistry, environmental protection and many other fields.

    ※ Single beam, 1200 lines/mm grating, Low stray light & High resolution;
    ※ Excellent stability and reliability;
    ※ Microprocessor control technology, Automatic calibration for 0%T and 100%T;
    ※ Selectable model for different requirements;
    ※ 4LED digital display, for easy reading and operation;
    ※ RS-232 communication (only 722);
    ※ Data-processing software (optional) (only 722).


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