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ProductsUV-7502 spectrophotometer series
ModelUV-7502 series
Date 2011-07-06

Model UV7502 Series

UV7502 series is single beam spectrophotometer that analyzes specimen materials in the ultra-violet and visible spectral range. Its high precision and reliable performance made it ideal for applications in medicine, petrochemistry, agriculture, food industry, biochemistry, environmental protection and many other fields.

※ Easy operation: Built-in microcomputer, pannel with simple keys, LCD display and spacious sample compartment.
※ High precision and working stability: The high reliability is achieved with the installation of a CT monochromater.
※ Advanced calculation and high automation: New micro-processing technology is applied to strengthen the data processing.
※ Automatic 0%(T) and 100%T calibration
※ Automatic interchange of wavelength and auto position adjustment of UV and Vis lamp.
※ *Compatibility with PC and printer: Built-in RS-232 interface permits data transfer to a PC. And a printer can be connected directly to the instrument through
the parallel printer port.
※ *Easy creating and storing programme and scans: With the bundled software this product is capable of charting and storing the scan results.
(*available with PC model.)

Optional Accessories
※ 100mm cuvette rack
※ Homoiothermy waterbath 3-cuvette rack
※ Universal type Test tube(Can use the Φ8~Φ16mm or Φ16mm~Φ22mm Test tube)

※ Automatic 4-cuvettes rack(1cm)
※ Reflection attachment

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